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How to make the most of your kitchen extension

One of the most common requests we receive for house extensions is single-storey builds to create a larger kitchen to suit an expanding family or for those looking to turn a pokey room into something spacious. As with all house extensions, there are pitfalls to avoid, but we’ve put together a list of tips on how you can make the most of your kitchen extension.

Plan each area of your kitchen carefully

With the increased space an extension affords, it’s worthwhile to carefully invest the time in defining each area of your new kitchen. Is the objective to devise an open-plan look utilising something like a kitchen island, or do you want to produce a ‘broken-plan’ kitchen using screens and furniture for specific areas?

Utilise natural light

If you’re free to create a flow of natural light in a new space, you should embrace it fully. Skylights and French doors are a fantastic method of allowing natural light to flood your kitchen.

Bring the outside in

If possible, install a pair of sliding patio doors into your kitchen extension to bring the outside inside. On warm summer days, having the option of a cool breeze blowing through your kitchen creates a smooth transition to the outside and a pleasant ambience.

Construct a unified theme

We all want great-looking kitchens, and by opting for matching cabinetry, appliances and wall colours, you can create a striking aesthetic that sets your kitchen apart.

Make room for storage

One of the most significant drawbacks of many kitchens is a lack of cohesive storage space. When planning your kitchen remodel, take time to organise your storage in a way that will make cooking a more practical and coordinated activity.

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