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The extra space you need is under your feet!

When most people imagine creating more space in their home, they conjure ideas of loft conversions or house extensions. However, if your property has a basement, the answer could be right under your feet. Basement conversions offer a fantastic method of enhancing the liveability of your home, and below we’ll look at some of the most common ideas for basement conversions.

Home cinema

If you’re a film buff, then a room with little natural light distinct from the rest of the home is ideal for a home cinema. If you want to enjoy a film with the family or invite a group of friends over, creating an entertainment room is a brilliant way to utilise a basement conversion.

Games room/Bar

If movies aren’t your thing, then perhaps a games room is how you’ll bring your basement to life. For a traditional approach, you might opt for a pool table, dartboard and bar to entertain your guests. Or, if the games room means consoles and headphones, you’ll adopt a more contemporary feel with gamer chairs and maybe some soundproofing for those booming speakers.

Personal study

Suppose you need an area for a study or studio. In that case, a basement conversion is ideal for creating the solitude you need to operate. With hybrid working becoming a feature of 21st-century life, a home-study basement conversion sets you up ideally for productive, modern working.

An extra bedroom

If the right amount of natural light, waterproofing and ventilation can be devised, then there’s no reason why you can’t use the basement as an extra bedroom – which is perfect for noisy teenagers!

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