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Use trusted local builders to help you design a family-friendly home

If you are a retired couple who is downsizing or a young pair trying to establish themselves on the property ladder before starting a family, creating a home with family-friendly features won’t be a pressing consideration. If you already have children or plan to have them in the future, choosing a home design that is family-friendly and practical is essential. As trusted local builders, Future Build can help you select the best features for your family’s lifestyle and needs.

A kitchen that serves as a central hub

A kitchen that serves as a place to cook, eat, and gather is a must-have in a family home. Many families spend fewer than twenty minutes eating their dinner, so a kitchen with a formal seating area and a breakfast bar is ideal. An open-plan design will help create a functional and convenient space that allows you to spend time with the family while cooking and eating.

Rooms that can be adapted

As your children grow older, their needs within the home will change, so it’s a sensible idea to look for a home design that includes adaptable and multi-functional rooms. What was once a small box bedroom can become a quiet study or, if you have slightly older children living with you, a console room. Likewise, if you are considering extending your family, it’s good to have spare bedrooms occasionally used by guests that can become a permanent room.

Secluded entertainment zones

Any parent will admit that their children can be noisy at the best of times, but when they are excitable, it’s a real luxury for them to have an enclosed area where they can enjoy gaming and films. Open plan living has many benefits but reducing the ambient noise levels will help you find a calm and relaxing balance for your family home.

Adequate storage space will be your friend

When it comes to designing a home, especially one that will be in a state of constant flux, it’s imperative to consider storage options. The first rule of storage is having too much is okay, as you’ll always need more. Typically, people can be guilty of collecting items or holding on to things, and children are no different. In a busy family home, having a specific place to keep all the toys, nick-nacks, and keepsakes will help you maintain a tidy house. If you can find clever ways to incorporate in-built storage into your home’s design, it can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home.

Consider a mudroom

The term mudroom might be a little dated nowadays, but the purpose is still as relevant as ever. If you enjoy taking your young ones on long walks or if they are keen participants in sports, they will need a space to leave all that muddy gear. It can serve as a standalone room or a utility area that includes your washer and dryer to contain all the mess in one place. If you are looking for methods to make your home more family-friendly, or want to build one from scratch, contact Future Build for high-quality building services and exceptional customer service.